Is that Charly Black Whining a naked girl on Stage

Rumours have been circulating that Popular Dancehall news Star Charly Black had a nude female on stage whilst performing at shades night club on the beach. Pictures reveal a girl dancing practically naked in front of an artist wearing a cap that was originally mistaken as Konshens but is now rumoured to be Charly Black. shades night club has a reputation for the freaky type of party and the club is considered as a strip club on the beach

There was explosive performances by Elephant Man, Mr Lex and Lady Saw to mention a few at the exotic party in Ocho Rios.

Peps Final Say

shades nightclub in Ocho Rios is certainly becoming a more popular hotspot for a lot of ravers and especially on freaky night where we are seeing more and more Dancehall entertainers being booked for the venue.

From the image I can’t really make out who it is so don’t really want to add much comment here but this shows a high level of slackness. Regardless who the performer is this is quite a degrading act towards women and is quite a regular occurrence in the Dancehall scene. Sex has always been a selling point throughout many things such as advertisement, music videos etc… but during live performances I feel is a little too much but i guess the venue acts as a strip clubs on the beach so it is no surprise why these images will start to circulate.

Check out Aidonia performing in the same venue which appears to becoming a popular spot for a lot of entertainers


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